Back to School Party Printables

Please scroll down and click the links below to download the free printable back to school gift bags, and cupcake toppers and wrappers.

I remember being very excited each year as summer finally wound down and school began again. A lot of things were new--teachers, clothes, books, and sometimes even friends. In that way, going back to school is like a fifth season for kids. So that's something to celebrate--whether at home or in the classroom.

I've wanted to create some 3D printables for back to school for a long time. When I saw this clip art by GiftSeasonStore, I knew the templates would practically design themselves. These owls are just so stinking cute!

Please scroll down to download the templates and instructions for these FREE printables.

The cupcake toppers come in four designs and so do the cupcake wrappers. The toppers are designed to mix and match and be used on toothpicks or adhered to the front of the wrappers. There are two bag designs, both of which coordinate with the other printables.

There is also a free matching printable party invitation, which you can download from the link art the bottom of this post.

These .jpg templates are very easy to make, especially if you follow the step-by-step instructions included in the zip file. You can download the toppers, wrappers and gift bags below:

>> Download Templates and Instructions <<

Scroll down to download the invitation art.

Please note: I strongly recommend using Glue Dots to create the gift bags.

Refer to #s 3 and 4 on this page if you need help downloading or opening the zip file, or accessing the images. You'll need this free Acrobat software to read the instructions, unless you already have it.

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>> Download the Invitation Art <<

CREDITS: Thanks to GiftSeasonStore on Etsy for the totally adorable owl images used in these designs, to for the dotted overlay, and to Maree Truelove for the banner artwork. And a special thanks to Wendy Bird Designs for the gift bag template. I've used it in several of my printable designs and I just love it.

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Free Printable Halloween Apothecary Labels

Please scroll down to the "Click the Images or Text Links Below to Download the Halloween Labels" heading below to download the printable template.

OK, so I took a few years off from making printables. I've been working in the book world on my Free & Discounted Books site. If you like ebooks, we have plenty of new free titles every single day. So feel free to go on over and get your fill for your Kindle, tablet, phone, computer or whatever device you read with.

I really missed my more creative side, so I gave myself a fun project to ease back into making party printables again. I've always envied those cool vintage apothecary labels created by other artists. So I thought I'd try my hand at them. And Halloween really lends itself to this old-timey look, as if they've been sitting around for centuries.  

Click the Images or Text Links Below to Download the Halloween Labels:

There are two sets:
Bone Rejuvenation Formula, which you can download from Dropbox, and ...
Witches Brew, which you can download from my site. (You'll need to add it to the cart, but don't worry, they're FREE. And don't stress about the checkout information. All the cart needs is your name and an e-mail address, so we can send you an e-mail with the download link. You can fill in whatever you want for the other fields. No one will look at any of it.)

I hope you have a blast creating all kinds of things with these printable Halloween labels! Have a wonderful Halloween.
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